Aircel Recharge Cards

Aircel which is among one of the leading mobile operators in India, has recently announced new cheap tariff 3G data plans for its users. The price of Aircel 3G data pack has been slashed and are now more affordable. Earlier it was priced Rs. 250 for 1GB data pack in Chennai, but now it costs just Rs. 128 for 1GB and the data pack rates slightly vary in different regions. The company has also introduced a new Rs. 27 Pocket Internet pack, which will provide unlimited 2G/3G data for 7 days, with a FUP of 750 MB. Below is the full list of the new plans.


In a press release, Aircel noted that:

PI 27 is priced at Rs. 27 and offers unlimited 2G/3G data to the customers with a validity of 7 days. The product offers great value to the customer as the unlimited data offered can be used over a week at a very low price. This data tariff is ideally suited for customers who use mobile internet for social networking, browsing, getting news updates, checking mails, etc.
PI 128 is priced at Rs. 128 and offers its 2G and 3G customers 1 GB data with a validity of 30 days. This data tariff is aimed at customers who use their data for downloading music, playing HD games, mobile applications, live streaming of videos and other high data usage content.

We don’t know whether the Pocket Internet data pack which costs Rs. 27 is completely 3G or it has some limit within 750MB. So, are you an Aircel user ? What do you think about these new tariff plans ? Leave your comments below.