Windows 8 by Microsoft gives the options to personalize its all new features and mainly Start Screen Background, Lock Screen Background and Account picture as usual was in previous versions of  Windows. But sometimes Windows 8 users faces problems to change or even not able to change Lock Screen Background and account pictures the you want to put in.


So I will tell you how to do this.

  • Simply, when you want to change the Account Picture or Lock Screen Background you need to go to Charm Bar which can be seen when you go to right-most corner of the screen or Press Win+C button.
  • When you see it coming from corner then click to  PC Settings by clicking on “Change PC Settings” present at the bottom of the menu.
  • When you click upon the link you will find a page which will be of Customization of your Start Screen, Lock Screen and other all settings; You can choose your Pictures of User Account and Lock Screen Background from the predefined Photos or you can simply browse for more by clicking “Browse” button.

(Note: You can personalize your Start Screen, Lock Screen and User Account picture when you have activated your Windows 8 Copy).

And if your Windows 8 Is activated then Also you are not able to change your Lock Screen Background Or User Account Picture then your Windows 8 System Registry has been disturbed. It can be by your mistake or by the Third-party Apps that you have downloaded and they have deleted it.

If the same happens then there is also a cure of it. You can easily make new registry by the following steps:


  • For opening Registry Editor where you can make new system registry press Windows Key(Denoted By Windows Logo) and type regedit and you will see search has been started and Left side you will find result of Regedit and then open it.
  • Then open the following key
  • When you find it then look for {B4FB3F98-C1EA-428d-A78A-D1F5659CBA93} under NameSpace key.
  • If it is present then click on the right pane of the Window and make the value to (Default) which must be set to Other Users. Then you have done.

For those who don’t Find the value:

  • Right-click on NameSpace key and select “New -> Key” option.
  • Then name the key to {B4FB3F98-C1EA-428d-A78A-D1F5659CBA93} and in the right-side pane of window change value to  (Default) for the Other Users.

When you do the about stuff then you will be able to customize all you wanted. If you face any problem comment below.