Google is replacing its stock and old Gallery App in favor for its new Google+ Photos App, but there are lots of Android users who are still searching for something better and useful. For those peoples, here is a new option which you can give a try. After CustomROM, the popular CyanogenMod team has now come up with their own gallery app called as GalleryNext.

CyanogenMod GalleryNext

CyanogenMod’s GalleryNext comes with Google+ Photos App style slide-out navigation menu and mini-gallery compilations. The unique features in this app include the implementation of cloud services which will show your Photos from Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and Dropbox. GalleryNext also comes with the support GIFs, video playback and “Moments” which is the grouping of photos on the basis of metadata.

Full Features:

  • View all your pictures in one centralized location
  • Cloud services integration with Flickr, Picasa (G+), Facebook, and Dropbox
  • Moments support (automatic grouping and classification of media based on metadata)
  • Video playback support
  • Gif support
  • Deduplication in ‘All’ view

Upcoming Features:

  • Implement KitKat’s immersive mode UI
  • Editor support
  • Fix all the things
  • You tell us

This App is currently available in Beta and we are expecting to see the final version in upcoming CM builds.

Google Play Link

Source:  +CyanogenMod