Krrish 3 Game now available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

krrish 3 game

Krrish 3, which is a highly anticipated Bollywood movie of this year is coming this Diwali and recently the Krrish 3 team has announced for the launch of Krrish 3 game. And today this game has been made available for download, but with timed exclusive on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 devices. It is currently only available for download on Windows Phone 8 platform and is expected to arrive on Windows 8 by the end of this week. Krrish 3 game will also arrive on iOS and Android device.

Set against the backdrop of Mumbai, the game has six levels, three of which are set in the old city and three in the newer parts of Mumbai. You can choose to fight as one of the four movie characters – Krrish, Kaal (available exclusively on Windows devices), Kaaya, and Frogman. Besides Shurikens, Freeze and Force Punch, the choice of gadgets also includes Vortex, which will continue to be available only for Windows Smartphones, tablets and laptops. What’s more, is that the online multiplayer experience ensures a thrilling new experience each time you pit your skills against Krrish fans all over the world.

The game includes several characters from the Krrish 3 movie. Currently the game is only available on Windows Phone, but the user reviews on the App Store is not so positive. Most of the users are complaining that this game is not working on the Lumia 520″ and Works on my 820/920, but lags”. Let’s see when it will be coming on iOS and Android.

Krrish 3 Game now available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8

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