Iron Man Tony Stark

Have you  seen any of Iron Man movie ? I think most of you will say Ya!. The popular thing which most of the persons like in Iron Movie is Tony Stark and his Extremely advanced Laboratory. Elon Musk which is also refereed as a real life version of Tony Start (Iron Man) is deeply inspired his depiction of Stark in the first Iron Man film.

Recently Musk has tweeted that he’d “figured out how to design rocket parts just with hand movements,” and would post a video of the process “next week.” And after that Favreau tweeted to Musk asking: “Like in Iron Man?” And Musk responded in the affirmative. See the full exchange below:



Let;s wait for the video, whne it will be coming. Just wondering how it will look like in the real life. Stay tuned for more updates and leave your comments below.