The internet is very huge and there are lots of contents to explore. But not all contents are appropriate for every Internet user. For example there are lots of Inappropriate contents present on the Internet which are harmful for childrens. That is the reason most of the parents search for a good tool to have a parental control over their children’s online activity. Focusing on that today we are going to talk about eSafely, which is a Web Browser extension for making the Internet a safer place for kids. It is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari, which are the most popular web browsers. eSafely will protect your kids against cyber-bullying and inappropriate conversations on Facebook, will block adult contents on YouTube and Wikipedia, and redirects all their searches to Clearch – which is a search engine that only shows results appropriate for everyone including kids.


Using eSafely is very easy task, just you have to visit its website and from there you have to choose the appropriate version of your Web Browser by clicking on its icons and it installs the extension on your browser. It doesn’t require any configuration and will automatically enable all its features after installation.

youtube content warning

After installation it will block all the 18+ contents on YouTube. It will also remove the harmful videos from a suggested video list of YouTube. If your kid is trying to post any inappropriate comments, then they will receive a warning saying “Please be polite”, preventing harassing behavior.      Coming to Facebook, it will hide all the inappropriate images or post which are not suitable for kids. And as similar to YouTube, if your kid is trying to send any offensive or hurtful messages, then he/she will receive a “Please be polite” warning.
If your kid is searching for any 18+ term on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and more, then his search will be automatically redirected to the Clearch search engine.

Give it a try one time, it is really a very nice extension. So, what do you think about this tool ? Leave your comments below.

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