Back in July 10 of this year, Gionee officially launched it’s flagship smartphone ELife E6 in Beijing. The newly launched Gionee Elife E6 comes with new design concept and the company has made great efforts for offering a minimalist design. It has got the depth of Amigo System customization and also is packed with great new features.

Gionee Elife E6 Full Review

The Phone

Gionee Elife E6, as the name suggest is the next member of Gionne’s Elife Family which was announced few months ago. Now coming on Elife E6, it is the Gionee’s flagship smartphone of this year. It has made after 10 months of research and comes with a new design language.

Gionee Elife E6 Full Review
Gionee Elife E6 runs Amigo which is Android 4.2.1 depth customization Operating System and is 142.5 x 69.4 x 7.9mm in dimension. The weight of this phone is medium which is 128g and has got 5-inch of 1920 x 1200 resolution display screen. The smartphone is powered by MT6589 T quad-core processor clocked at 1.5GHz to provide you faster experience. The company has also added 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM inside Elife E6.

The battery has been packed of 2000mAh which is good point in the favor of this smartphone. ELIFE E6 also supports WCDMA / GSM network. It has been priced at 2,699 yuan. Don’t know when it will be coming to India.

Gionee Elife E6 Full Review

Build and Design

The body of this smartphone uses a minimalist design integrated with molding design concept. Gionee Elife E6 has got just 7.9mm thickness and weighs 128g. The body design is simple and impressive too. The 5-inch display screen is excellent and this phone is easy to handle too. You will not feel any problem while working with one hand on this smartphone.
If we are having a look on the back of this phone, then we will notice a certain degree of curvature at the back. The four corners of this phone are rounded, which will not make this smartphone to look like any square like design. You will be getting menus, HOME and return three touch buttons, which uses hollow technology with white LED backlight, but also maintains the cleanliness of the whole body.

Gionee Elife E6 Full Review

On the right hand side you will find a Volume buttons with silver materials, which has been nicely made. The headphone jack is at the top of the phone. At the bottom you will find a USB port surrounded with two loud speakers which looks good.


Elife E6 has got a front camera with 12 beauty (12 face beauty) function, but also ultra-wide-angle camera, the most suitable girls self-timer. The rear camera is of 13MP and comes with second-generation BSI technology, with excellent shooting, Pic clear (pedestrian clearance), Pic Best (group shot preferred), panoramic camera, regular camera, Sport mode, touch-screen camera and other much more features has been added in the camera.

Gionee Elife E6 Full Review


Elife E6 has got non-removable battery as you cannot open the back cover of this smartphone. Company has added all the required slots on the left side of this phone which has been beautifully designed. As we said earlier the battery is of 2000 mAh and provides good battery backup. It provides battery backup of three days in normal use.

Gionee Elife E6 Full Review

Operating System – Amigo System

Elife E6 is packed with Android 4.2.1 OS based Amigo Operating System which mainly consists of 4 different parts which are NAVI (desktop), PHONE (phone function), CARE (living assistant), PLAY (entertainment experience ). You can easily unlock the Elife E6 smartphone with sliding up. But the unlock system of Amigo has three interface screen. What we mean is that when you slide to the left of the screen then you will find a “little entertainment secretary” UI, which will include lots of push messages and when you will slide to the right side you will get the quick apps like recording, camera and flashlight.

Gionee Elife E6 Full Review

It has hot flattening icon pack which is good and has got 1.5GHz quad core CPU to provide the excellent performance. As usual you can open the notification section by two finger scroll or one finger scroll. The phone also supports a variety of experiences and gesture control, gesture control through somatosensory and can be more convenient operation, bring a different experience, relevant experience of somatosensory and gestures will be detailed in a subsequent article experience

ELIFE E6 Intelligent Voice

Works without Internet too

In Gionee ELIFE E6 you will be getting intelligent voice features, which can be used when there is no Internet connection on your phone. You can use this feature to activate the phone function by voice or by phone to send text messages, connect to the network after the intelligent voice functions can be achieved even more.

ELIFE E6 is packed with a quad-core CPU and supports 1080p video playback ELIFE E6 does not have any issues, together with 5-inch 1080p big screen, the visual experience is very good, as well as DTS audio, cinema and more to shock.

Gionee Elife E6 Full Review


The design of Elife E6 is good and impressive too and on the software front it runs Amigo System which is brings lots of features in the phone. There is no problem of legginess in this phone, it runs smooth and the camera quality is also very good. Overall the phone is good and if you are planning to buy it then you can buy it without taking much time.