Get all Facebook Notifications even when Google Chrome is Closed

Facebook is being used by millions of people around the globe. There are lots of big fans of Facebook, who spent their maximum time on Facebook. The reason for that could be anything, for chatting with friends or flirting with a girl. Now here a question arises, how often you keep your Facebook tab open in you Web Browser ? If it isn’t all the time, but you still want to keep an eye on all your Facebook notifications whenever they arrive. Then here is very useful Chrome extension for you. It is Fruumo Notifier, which will show you desktop notifications for all your Facebook notifications when they arrive. For instance you will bet notified when a friend likes your photo, or add a comment on your status, post on your timeline and the most special thing is that even if your web browser is closed, you will be getting all the Notifications right on your Desktop.

Fruumo for Google Chrome

This extension is very easy to use too. Just you have to Install it on your Chrome Web Browser and you are done. It will be smoothly running in background without effect your browsing speed or anything else. The system tray icon will display the number of pending notifications that you haven’t yet seen. You can click that to see all the notifications. You can install it on your Google Chrome Web Browser from below download link. Just give it a try one time and don’t forget to leave your comments below.

Install Fruumo Notifier From Chrome Web Store