Windows 8 Boot Screen Logo

The most interesting new features of new version of Windows 8 is the new boot loader. But the previous version of the Windows 8 had the Boot loader without GUI. It was like the Command Prompt where you could use the arrow keys of keyboard to select the desired OS boot.

Microsoft replaced this classic boot loader with a brand new boot loader in Windows 8 which is now called “Boot Options Menu“. It is available with the mouse control where you can get many useful options like troubleshoot PC startup problems, reset or repair Windows, restore Windows,disable device driver signature check, access Safe Mode and much more.

Windows 8 Boot Options

But some people don’t like this new boot loader. The reason is simple, this new boot loader first loads Windows 8 and then shows the OS selection screen. So if you want to boot another OS, you’ll need to wait for Windows 8 to load first and only then you can select the other OS from the boot options screen. It wastes your time and if you frequently switch between installed OS, it might become a little bit irritating.

If we talk about the new boot screen present in Windows 8, its quite similar to boot screens present in previous Windows versions such as Windows 7. It shows Windows 8 logo in the middle along with a new circle animation to show the progress.

By default, Microsoft does not allow to tweak the boot screen but you can tweak the boot screen using free software according to your requirements.

Windows 8 Boot UI Tuner

Boot UI Tuner” is a free and portable software  which allows you to customize Windows 8 boot screen look and tweak various hidden settings of Windows 8 boot loader or boot options menu.

It supports both Windows 8 32-bit and 64-bit Operating System. You have to just download the file and run it.

Using this tool is very easy. Just enable or disable the desired option and click on apply button. You’ll need to restart your system. It also allows you to restore default settings.

This freeware allows you to enable advanced options of Windows 8 boot menu which are displayed at each startup. Its very useful because you don’t need to press any extra key to get that advanced boot options screen. You can easily access options such as safe mode, boot logging, driver signature check, etc.

Download Windows 8 Boot UI