How to hard reset Micromax A116 Canvas HD to solve various issues

Micromax A116 Canvas HD was launched on February 14th of this month. Many among us bought this smartphone and also using it. If you are also having Micromax A116 Canvas HD Smartphone, then you will face some issues while using Flipboard app on this phone. Users are reporting that after they had installed Flipboard app on their phone, they are getting lot of issues and their Operating System has also became unstable, always says service stopped error.
Micromax A116 Tips and tricks But you can solve that problem by just resetting your A116 Canvas HD. Just follow the below easy steps and we will reset your device.

How to Reset Micromax A116 Canvas HD

  • Firstly Switch Off your smartphone.
  • Now you have to hold the Power button and then immediately press volume + and volume – simultaneously (all 3 buttons) until you get two options.
  • After that you have to Press the volume up button to enter into the recovery mode.
  • You will see the android icon, and press the power button once.
  • Then you will find the menu options. Use the volume up and down button to choose the option. And press the enter button to confirm it.
  • The power button on some handsets work as the enter button but not on A116. If you press the power button you will get the android image again press the power button again to come back to the menu. For enter button you need to press the left (context menu) and the right (back) touch sensitive buttons simultaneously and hold for a sec.
  • Choose the wipe data / factory reset then press the enter button as mentioned above you will then see some more options use the volume button to navigate to the yes option and press the enter button again. This will do the factory reset and then use volume button to select the reboot now option and press the enter button again.

Leave your views below, if you have any problem or want to discuss anything.

How to hard reset Micromax A116 Canvas HD to solve various issues

9 thoughts on “How to hard reset Micromax A116 Canvas HD to solve various issues

  1. pradeep says:

    I am having issues with microphone of Micromax A116. If I use the phone
    dialer, my voice cannot be heard at the other End. But the voice
    recorder is working fine,i.e. I am able to record my voice and play it.
    Do you have any idea what could be the issue. I am not sure how many
    microphones does A116 have. Is it a possibility that there are two
    microphones, one for phone voice input and other for normal voice
    recording?. I think I have got a defective piece
    . I will recommend other not to buy this phone as of now and wait for
    things to settle. This phone is not stable. I have had issues with the
    accelerometer as well. I have done atleast 5 factory resets but the
    microphone seems to be not working. I will take it to service centre
    after I get a confirmation that it is indeed the issue with hardware.

    1. alok says:

      Hello pradeep i have got the same issue with my canvas hd, can u please tell me is it solved how to solve that…

  2. sandesh shinde says:

    I am also having two different issues with my Micromax A116.
    Some time auto rotation is stop working and i’ll have to restart my cellphone. Another problem is when i restart it phone default storage shift from exteral SD card to internal SD card. can you please suggest the solution for these problem

  3. dipsy says:

    context menu (left) and back (right ) touch sensitive buttons not working simultaneously while resetting the phone . what should i do?

  4. Parag Prasannan says:

    Thank you… I was trying to reset my mobile for some time and this worked perfectly for me. Life saver…. 😉

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