How to Increase the Internal Storage of Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2


Micromax A110 Canvas 2 white

Micromax A110 is among some of the top best budget smart phones running Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System. All the different specifications of this phone is really appreciable. But the default internal storage is somehow not upto mark. Micromax says that the phone comes with 1 GB of internal storage, but many users complains that it has 512 MB of internal storage. If you are also among those who don’t like these phone Internal Storage, then hold it on, here is a great tutorial for you, by which you can easily increase the Internal Storage of your Micromax A110 Android Smartphone. This tutorial will let you to use the memory of your SD card as the default internal memory of your phone. Which means that you can easily use any memory card of any Storage space just upto 32GB.
Please be aware that, to follow these tutorials your phone need to be rooted. If it is not root then follow our previous post on How to Root Micromax A110. After rooting, Let’s get started.

Micromax A110 Storage Swap

How to Use your External SD card as Internal memory for your Phone

  • First of all take backup of your device via clockworkmod or any other method which you like.
  • Now Install any File Explorer, which gives you Root access permission. For this you can use Root Explorer which is free of cost.
  • Now Open the file explorer (Root Explorer) and browse to /system/etc and find a file named as vold.fstab
  • Now copy that file to any location on your SD card.
  • Now rename the original vold.fstab file to vold.fstab.bak               Please note that: to Rename that file you need to change the permissions from Read only to Read and write from the top right option.
  • Download the modified vold.fstab file from here and copy that file to /system/etc
  • And change the permission to rw-r–r– by long pressing on that file.
  • Now Reboot your phone and check the storage section of your device.

So, what do you think about this tutorial, Don’t forget to share your views by leaving your comments below…

  • Thyagu

    Does this increase the speed in anyway? Any benchmarks?

    • TechnoDify

      Ya! it gives some effect to the speed too, but it is not much noticeable Them aim of doing that, is to increase the Internal storage, so that you can use as many apps as you want.

  • Nilesh

    Hi, I have read the complete thing. Since internal storage is is just 2 gb, i am planning to put a 16 gb card in my mobile. Let me know if you can write something that will swap my external sd with internal and then if possible can 2 gb of this memory be allocated in some way that it can used as ram?

    Will this help in increasing the performance of mobile?

    • TechnoDify

      With the help of this trick you can easily swap your external SD card storage capacity as your Device Internal storage…For that you can use any capacity SD card.. as this phone supports upto 32GB of SD card…
      Now talking about the performance, if there will be good volume of free space on your device internal storage, then it will also help the phone to lead to better performance…

  • dhanaraaja

    sir,,I cant rename the file as u said…and my internal storage total space shows as 503 mb and apps-154 mb and available space is 17.98 mb.

    • TechnoDify

      As it is system file, So, to rename that you have to have the permission. Long press that file and choose properties option and check if the permission is set to read and write or not….

      • jdakarun

        From where to get the permissions to rename the file… Please be in beirf where from top right (unable to find)

        • TechnoDify

          check this image.. for help

          • happy singh

            sir which file explorer is that ?

          • TechnoDify

            Root Explorer

  • dhanaraaja


    Follwed the steps as mentioned above with a 8 gb memory card.the following is shown in the storage menu:

    Internal storage:

    Total space-504 mb
    apps-85.93 mb
    available-383 mb

    internal SD CARD:

    Total space-7.33 GB

    apps-38.6 mb
    pIcs,videos-716 MB
    available-5.47 gb

    External SD card

    Total space-2.05 gb

    Available-1.59 gb.

    I think my external sd card is changed as internal SDcard.but there is no change in Internal storage space(RAM)

  • Ishu

    Sir, I bought 16 Gb external card.. wantd to play sum HD games bt games get installed in internal (2 GB available) memory n it got full.. so i rooted phone & used apps 2 sd to move them.. also changed default install location in DOS with Andoid SDK ADB tools.. bt even these tricks don’t work with all games.. so a gud solution wud be to use my external sd card as internal card.. so the games n apps wud get installed in external 16 gb memory by default.. :) can also increase internal storage by ur process.. bt problem is internal memory cannot be accessed on PC with mass storage.. v can only access Internal n external card.. so can u plzz tell me if i can just replace internal n external sds :)

    • TechnoDify

      Sorry! We are not able to understand, what are you asking for.

  • Aman

    i tried it on Karbonn A30 and it did not worked still the internal memory is 512 and phone memory is 2.0 gb and the external sd card memory is 1.81gb …. <<< but in your tutorial which i followed very veryyy veryyy carefully step by step , ,,,, my phone memory should have been gone 4GB with it

  • jayesh patil

    how reverse this process

    • Gaurav

      yEaah I also wanna know that how to reverse this process

  • Mack Michaels

    how did you increase the RAM? it increased internal storage.

  • dwayne

    what do you mean by rooting

  • Nimesh

    Given step is to increased the internal storage, but ram is different thing, Kindly change the tital of of this article first

    “How to Increase the RAM of Micromax A110 Superfone Canvas 2″

  • sayavanambc

    what will happen if sd card get corrupted?

  • anton

    plz help.i followed the steps as suggested on my micromax a110.went through like a wind.but after re booting my phone,im neither able to access internal or external memory.

    • Harshvardhan Malpani

      dude, i think this would help you…
      install moborobo in your PC
      then download root explorer (obtain apk file using google)
      install it using moborobo
      then just undo all the changes !
      that was quite simple, i guess

  • akhil

    hi i followed the steps but it work out. Download the modified vold.fstab file from here and copy that file to /system/etc And change the permission to rw-r–r– by long pressing on that file. But is say you do not have permission to replace the file. Wat do i do know? kindly help

  • shivaraj

    I did as I was told and now the phone when switched on displays superfone canvas 2 and stays that way. it is not starting . what should I do? please email me at