How to Increase RAM of Micromax A110 Canvas 2 with Swapping

Few days back we shared a trick to Increase the Internal Storage of Micromax A110 Canvas 2. We got many emails and comments asking to increase it’s RAM. So, here is the trick for that. Swapping can be done in your Micromax A110 Canvas 2 and for that you really need to have the kernel i.e. Thunder Zap installed on your phone. The users who don’t know about Swapping, then let us through some lights on it for you. It is done on your SD Card when the kernel supports Swapping and it can increase your visual Ram memory. It is highly dependent that you have better quality of SD Card means of Class 3 or above. If you have Card of Class 2 or lower then also it is fine. But higher the class then higher will be the performance.

Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Increase RAMSwapping can also lead to degrade your SD Card, but it will take decade to do it, because when you swap the memory to increase RAM then writing and reading are done every time from your SD Card.

Follow the Below Steps:

  • Download swapper from Google Play.
  • Install the application.
  • Set a swap size but it must be up to the limit of your SD Card, the amount you will enter that amount of RAM will be increased.
  • Then A .swp file of the specified size will be created.
  • Give the command “free” (without quotes) in terminal emulator to check if swap is active or not.

This is all to boost your Canvas 2 smartphone and stay tuned to get further tricks and guide for tweaking of Canvas 2 as well as other smartphones.

  • karan

    will this whole procedure void my phone’s warrenty?

  • Anonymous

    did u have any swap supported kernel for canvas 2 jellybean

  • shubham

    not working :-(

  • Nilesh

    Hi, Please let me know if this will work on Lava IRIS 455. I need to know how can increase the ram in this device

  • Arif

    how wud i know that i have swap supported kernel on my phone or not ???

  • Ankush

    How can I increase my memory if the kernel not support like… Samsung galaxy s6312

  • gaurav

    how can i increase ram in a74

  • Shikhar Tiwari

    how can we increase RAM of mmx canvas 2 A240 as we cannot insert external SD card to it