How to recover forgotten Android Lock Screen Pattern and Password


If you are owner of any Android device, then you would be well known about the different security features of it. Among all the different ways to password protect your Android phone, the popular one which comes with every Android device is the Lock Screen Pattern, Pin or Password. But what to do when you had forgotten the passwords or pin of your Android Lock Screen. Don’t worry there are many methods to recover or reset the Forgotten password. Read below:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Lock Screen

Unlock device via Email ( No Internet Connection)

  • Continue to enter the unlock pattern or password or pin five times. Now after that it will ask you to wait for 30 seconds.
  • Now after 30 seconds you will seen an option for “Forgot Password” which is present at bottom right side of the screen.
  • Tap on that option.
  • Now it will ask you to write the email ID and password.

Android Too Many Pattern Attempts

  • Just input the Email ID and password which you first used to register or activate your Android device. If you had written the correct Email and Password which is associated with your current Android device then after this step you will be taken to input the new Pattern or Password.
  • Just input that and you are done.

Factory Reset the Device

  • This is the method which you can use, If you had forgotten your Google Account password on your Android device. Please be aware that “Factory Reset” will delete all your Apps and Settings.
  • Switch off the phone
  • Now Switch on it in Recover mode. There are different options for different devices to enable the Recovery mode. So, it will be good if you search on Internet to know how to reboot into recovery mode in your device. In our phone it was (Volume Up+ Volume Down+Power Button )

Android Factory Reset

  • Now after you enter into the recovery mode select Wipe Data / Factory Reset option.
  • After sometime it will automatically reboot your device.

If you are facing any problem, then you can share your comments below.

  • manjul srivastava

    i m using s5 model & my screen was locked due to many pattern attempt, after that i was login through my gmail id & but passward not accepct, when i was check this email id to another system the id & passward was correct,so what can i do

    • TechnoDify

      You can use the factory Reset Method to reset the password.

      • Janreyn Galit

        no display of factory reset.

  • renzo caja

    It is chinese I don’t know what to do… help me please immediately

    • TechnoDify

      If it is running on Android Operating System then, you can use any of the above provided methods.

  • Prakash GnanaSekaran

    Wow !!!! Its Working NIcely . Great thanks a lot lol…….

  • Fleur

    What if your phone is not connected to Internet????????? How to do that then?

    • TechnoDify

      We haven’t mentioned anywhere that your phone need to be connected to Internet to follow these steps.
      Check the first method, we already mentioned in the title that there is no need of Internet Connection…

  • Janreyn Galit

    i forgot my screen lock on my o+ phone. what will i do

  • Janreyn Galit

    my email and password doesnt match.

  • Roman

    there’s no wipe data or factory rest in my recovery mode so what can I do now?

  • San

    Hi, i hv 4gotn my screen pin nd i hv tryd 40-50 times but it is not shown email option…??

  • rais

    Hii sir I forget my user or password my mobile is micromaxa40 how to reset my mobile

    • rais


  • Iela Aniq

    done Switch off the phone.. then switch on… but how to enter recover mode?

  • iamellen21

    hi please i need help im using gionee p3 and my phone was locked due to many pattern attempt, then it appear that i need to log in my email account but i forgot about my email and password . and i cant find factory reset method .what should i do please help thanks.

  • Devender sharma

    Hi i m using Gionee E3 model & my screen was locked due to many pattern attempt, only screen showing login email and password but no key pad coming to enter the credentials

  • amir rehman

    how to choose reboot option in factory mode..??

  • Nikki Curiale-Garrison

    I have an S4 mini and I forgot the unlock pattern but I dont want to lose my messages by resetting the phone. Is that possible?

    • TechnoDify

      Then you can try using the email which you used to Log into your Google Play Account and if you had forgotten that too.
      Then please be aware that resetting the phone will erase all your Data and if you haven’t made any backup then you can’t bring them back.