Karbonn has launched its A15 recently a Micromax Ninja 4 killer and tagged it for the same price and much more features than Ninja 4. But human behavior is to get more than he has and same case is also applicable for Android phones i.e. you want more with Phone that you have instead of buying high-end phones then Rooting can be done.

karbonn a15


If you don’t know about Rooting Android Devices and even you are afraid of doing it then don’t panic, it is no harm to root Android device. Rooting Android device is something like unlocking your Android device and doing as you want with your phone. There are some apps which are meant to be working on specific phones and if it not working in your device then rooting is the way. But some companies do not allow to root their products and if you have done then they will end your phone’s warranty.

Rooting Karbonn A15


  • Karbonn A15 Smartphone.
  • Working PC.
  • SD Card
  • SD Card Reader
  • (Optional) Internet Connection for downloading few Softwares. (Or you can have software from anywhere also.)


  • Firstly connect the USB mount Internal USB storage and then copy driver files to your PC which are included on the phone internal card called “pcdrivers.zip”.

OR, you can download the file from here.

  • Enable USB Debugging option and you can find it under – SETTINGS – DEVELOPER OPTIONS.
  • Now install the drivers for A15 into your PC by copying drivers from your phone’s Internal Memory or you can download it from here.
  • Download “Android Root Unlock” from sourceforge.net and when downloaded it then extract it to a folder on your hard disk of PC.
  • Then navigate to the extracted folder and run the batch file “ICS_Root_Unlocker.bat” which will be present in extracted folder.
  • The batch file will reboot your phone a couple of times and for the message of “PRESS ANY KEY” appears.

(NOTE: If your PC is displaying “PRESS ANY KEY” or is rebooting then wait for it to start before pressing a key.
5. After a couple of boots the phone will be rooted and you can verify that the Root is complete by observing a “Superuser” shortcut which will be present in the application list of your phone.