lg nexus 10 leak 01

Recently a Reddit user who is claiming to be an employee of Telefonica carrier has recently leaked two new images of unannounced LG Nexus 10 tablet. The design of this new tablet is somehow similar to current generation Nexus 10 which has been made by Samsung. But the LG made Nexus 10 will include some notable improvements, as from these leaked images we can see that there is only a single speaker on the top of the display, while Currently selling Nexus 10 has dual-speaker.

lg nexus 10 leak

The Image quality of these leaked images is very poor, but from the second image it has been clear that the price of the new Nexus 10 tablets will be £299 for the cellular version. Few rumors are also pointing that this tablet will be first Nexus tablet to be offered in black and white configurations. It is expected that LG Nexus 10 will be available on November 22 for both Wi-Fi and Cellular version.

But there is currently no confirmation, whether these leaks are true or not. We have to wait for November 22, to see if these rumors are correct.


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