From few days we are hearing much about LG’s and Samsung’s next flagship Smartphones. And among these two, LG G3 which is said to be LG’s next flagship Smartphone has been recently spotted on benchmarking website AnTuTu. The listing suggests an unnamed LG device with octa-core processor codenamed as Odin.


But Odin is somehow similar to Samsung’s Exynos 5420 quad-core processor. Which means that Odin is not a true octa-core processor which doesn’t run all the 8-cores at the same time. In this benchmarking test, Odin is running at 1Ghz which is quite slow, but is paired with the new Power VR Series 6 GPU, which will be good for gaming fans.

That’s all which we currently know about this. But we are expecting to hear more soon. So, stay tuned for more updates.