Listen Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Online

GTA V Soundtracks

Rockstar has always made it’s Grand Theft Auto game series by beautiful by adding the licensed soundtracks and it seems like we have got an early look at the upcoming GTA 5 soundtracks. Recently Sony has revealed that the digital pre-order version of Grand Theft Auto V in Europe, which could be downloaded to PS3 before the official release, consist of many unannounced details of the anticipated game. But the pre-order file is now no longer made available for download.

However, users are now sharing the contents of hat file which allegedly includes 42-hours of audio file of every radio station in upcoming GTA V game. The list includes NWA, Aphex Twin, and Black Flag like popular soundtracks. GTA V will be coming on September 17th. Let’s wait for more updates.

Listen Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack Online

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