Micromax has today launched a new Data Card called as MMX 440W which is a wireless router as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot and also a portable charger. It is a nicely designed and handy Data Card by Micromax. MMX440W will allow you to connect over 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices anytime. It is compatible with every major Operating systems, so you will not find any difficulty while using it.

MMX 440W

You can also use MMX 440W as your personal Wi-Fi hotspot by just connecting your LAN cable with this device. You can also connect your Data Card to use a Wi-Fi hotspot on the move. The device is packed with 4400 mAh battery for providing power to keep you going for hours on end. You can also charge your different devices with this Data Card, Just you have to plug in your devices and it will start the charging process.