Nexus 5 Case on Amazon

Nexus 5 was firstly spotted in accidentally released promo video of upcoming Android 4.4 KitKat operating System. After that the wave of Nexus 5 rumors started and increasing day by day. Recently Nexus 5 was spotted in leaked FCC documents and now the alleged case of Nexus 5 smartphone has been listed on online retailer, Amazon for $29. Don’t know whether it is a real case or just fake. But it is pointing towards a release date which is October 31st. Still no confirmation whether this details are true or fake.

If we see this rumored release date from other angle then we will notice that 31st October is Hallowe’en, a candy day. Also the Google’s upcoming Android Operating System is related to candy. So, we can say that Google might unveil it’s new Kitkat OS with new Nexus smartphone on 31st of October.  Let’s wait for any official updates.