Note 3 region lock

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with great new features and also one big feature which is known as Region Lock. There are lots of confusion regarding Note 3’s Region Lock feature. Samsung says that once you activate your Note 3 with a SIM card from the region you bought it, you should be able to use it on any other networks without any problem. But many users of Note 3 are complaining that they can’t use their phones, despite following Samsung’s instructions.

If you are facing the same problem, then you can use a new app called as RegionLock Away. This app will remove the Region lock from your note 3 by just emptying the blacklist of carriers that the Note 3 can’t be used with. But this app requires a root access on your device.

If you don;t want to root your device then no problem. In that case you can call Samsung asking about the solution of the problem or you can also buy a unlock code from any specialized service online, which will cost you something in-between $20 to $25.

RegionLock Away is not a free app, you have to pay $2.99 for downloading it from Play Store. You can also get the free version from here.