Windows 8 comes with many great new features. Among them Windows 8 Store is very Popular. It is a feature of Windows 8, which is somehow similar to Google Play or Apple’s App Store. With the help of this Store, you can download or buy any free or paid apps for your Windows 8 PC. If are using Windows 8, then it is well known fact that, you are familiar with the pre-installed metro UI Apps such as Sports, Maps, Weather etc. Microsoft has given an option to those users who did not like these apps, they can simply uninstall any of these apps. But think of a situation if you had accidentally uninstall any app but now you want it to be back, But you don’t know how to do that. Don’t worry here is all the steps which you have to follow to restore the apps which you had accidentally deleted.

Windows 8 Store Start Screen

How to get back deleted apps in Windows 8

  • First of all go to Store.
  • Now when the store opens, do a right click any where in an empty space and after that click on “Your apps” link.

your apps Windows 8 Store

  • After yo will click on that, Windows will ask you to Sign in with your Windows Live ID. Just do that.
  • Now after Sign in, Windows Store will automatically show you the apps, which are not installed on your PC. Juts click on the app which you want back and after that click on “Install” button.

Install deleted apps Windows 8

So, Which one is your favorite app in Windows 8 ? Feel free to share your experience by leaving your comments below…