Samsung KNOX is a new feature which was launched at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, creates a secure partition on the Android Smartphone, one for business and another for personal use. But now it seems like it is not so secure as the company claims it to be. According to the researchers at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Samsung KNOX has a flaw which could allow the secured data to be intercepted. These data might be also from messages, browser or files transferred.

Samsung KNOX System

The issue was spotted by Ph.D. Student Mordechai Guri while performing some tests on the Galaxy S4 Smartphone. According to him, with the help of a special compromised app on the non-secure part which is also called as “personal” part, all of the data transferred by the Smartphone – including the “secure” part – could be easily monitored.

However, Samsung says that the issue is not as serious as the researchers are claiming. According to a Samsung Spokesperson comment on the WSJ report, the original testing has been done on a device which was not using the typical security measures.

Samsung has already patched some of the security issues in its KNOX system and is continuing to look into the researcher reports.