CFast 2.0 card

Finally ScanDisk has revealed it’s very new Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 memory card, which has been specially made for what we call speed. This new CFast 2.0 memory cards has the reading speed of upto 450MB/s and also the writing speed is of upto 350MB/s, which makes it the world’s fastest memory card. The company says, that speed is not only the place where they have improved, they had also added a tougher, pinless design and a unique serial numbers, which the owners can use to register with customer support. But currently it’s use is quite limited. It is only camera ready and is currently compatible with recently unveiled Arri Amira. However it can be also used with Arri XT and Classic (with the XR module) via adapter. The company has also created a CompactFlasgh storage device for 4K shooter which is capable of storing 256GB of data. You have to pay $1,809 for the new 256GB version. And still there is no words on pricing of CFast 2.0 cards. Let’s see when it will be announced.