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Few days back, Yahoo started allowing users to take ownership of unused Yahoo account names and the company also claimed that it is having a robust tools to make sure new customers wouldn’t be getting the emails of previous owners of the accounts. It seems like those efforts haven’t proven to be successful and Yahoo is working on something new. According to recent reports by TechCrunch, the company is working on a new “Not My Email” button which is said to be rolling out at the end of this week and will allow users to easily reject any email directly from their inbox.

Yahoo has already said that it would be trying some extraordinary steps to ensure that users didn’t have issues. But various reports claims that, it is still unsuccessful to stop sensitive and private emails from being displayed on the new users Inbox, which are not intended for them. While it is not an easy task to stop all the emails, which are for previous account name holder, but Yahoo is trying it’s best to fix that issue.