A few months back, Motorola announced its plans to develop a modular smartphone, Project Ara, but we are yet to see even the prototype of the device. At CES 2014, ZTE has shown off its own modular phone concept called as Eco-Mobius. The prototype model provides the concept on how users will be able to replace the battery, camera, display and “core” modules which includes RAM, storage, processor and graphics processor.

ZTE Eco Mobius Modular Phone

The concept is really impressive and comes with extremely attractive design. ZTE originally announced its modular phone concept, Eco-Mobius late last year, but this is the first time when the company has put the device in person. With ‘eco; name attached to the modular phone, ZTE is planning to reduce the waste. The company says that it imagined a future where users could swap out camera modules depending on their needs or upgrade their phone to run more powerful games.

It will be good to see more and more companies to join this project. Let’s see when Motorola will show off its Modular device.