Live Stream to Earn Money: Top Content Creators of India who earned more than INR 1 lakh on Live Streaming App Bolo Live

Bolo Live

Live streaming and the explosion of the "creator economy" are igniting the current rise in social media app use and rapidly changing the landscape.

According to App Annie’s report on "The Evolution of Social Media” released in September 2021, people across the world have downloaded more than 9.2 billion apps and are expected to spend 740 billion hours on them. That includes an estimated 548 billion hours of them live streaming—on global apps like TikTok, Twitch, Instagram, and Bolo Live, Trell, Meesho etc amongst Indian apps.

Research shows that the live streaming market will be worth over $247 billion by 2027 and that 47% of people are streaming more live videos than ever.

The internet has generated many opportunities for creative people to make money online. Writers, musicians, filmmakers, and other content creators can all share their creative visions with an appreciative audience. One of the newer niches of the creator economy is live streaming which provides an ultimate way for talented people to express themselves to a broad audience.

Bolo Live, India’s largest and the only live streaming app is designed for every Indian to earn money by doing live streams. The creator-first app comes with integrated real-time gamification driven by micro-transactions led gifting options and aims to create the world’s largest active engagement and behavioural science-driven entertainment platform from India, with love from across the globe.

The Bolo Live streamer Diksha Pardeshi could barely react. Why? Because she had just redeemed her beans (Bolo Live currency) into more than INR 1 lakh to her Paytm account. The beans she earned during her live sessions. The 22-year-medical student from Nashik, holding her passion for music close to her heart, has created a whole new family on the Bolo Live app with over 18.3K followers. The streamer spends more than 3 hours daily on the app showcasing her talent with guitar and love for music. She often takes guitar lessons LIVE on the app and has recently bought an iPad pro solely through earnings from Bolo Live.

“I’ve been on this app for more than a year and I spend almost 180-200 mins a day coming on LIVE and receiving an overwhelming response from my followers in form of virtual gifting, which I can encash later. I could have never imaged a platform which connects thousands of like-minded people and help you monetise your content. It made me financially independent in such early stage of life” says Diksha Pardeshi.

Bolo live has seen encouraging numbers for live streamers with a total of over 25 streamers having earned more than INR 1 lakh from the platform in 2021. Moreover, the platform has seen a surge in the number of female live streamers moving towards an aspirational lifestyle solely based on earning on Bolo Live.

Such is the story of Anamika, a broadcaster from the ‘City of Joy’ Kolkata and a professional singer. ‘I used to love signing but I barely have any time these days’ said Anamika during one of her live sessions while chit chatting with her viewers. There was no me-time on her agenda. Of the 1440 minutes that are in a day, she spent zero on herself, doing what she loved. The burden of household duties after marriage has largely fallen on Anamika which made her forget her passion  for singing completely. One of her friends told her about Bolo Live app and her life never remained the same. Capitalizing on the stay-at-home orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anamika opened an agency to help other hosts and broadcasters hone their talents and transformed it into a full-time career on the Bolo Live app. In fact, Anamika is now one of the top broadcasters and a golden tick holder with 23.1K followers. She spends a chunk of her earnings through the app in paying house loan EMIs and school fee for her children.

This is the social media 'creator economy' in action – and it simply would not have happened without one thing: video and live streaming.

Another, one of the most loved streamer is Rajni Kaur who keeps the audience glued to her LIVE through her excellent anchoring and communications skills. Rajni has worked with broadcast media and likes to dance, sing, chit chat and also take anchoring lessons on the app to help her fellow connections learn some new skills.   

Bolo Live has raised USD 2.4 million in their latest investment round, led by Orios Venture Partners. The round also saw participation from Tremis Capital, SOSV, LPA Ventures and HNIs from Europe and the US.

The fastest-growing social live streaming platform has fans from over 225 Indian cities and towns paying for their favorite streamers. Bolo Live also onboarded many international audiences to stream live on the platform and we already have 7% of our paying users from outside India, taking the Indian talent globally.

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