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Why you should use FB sponsored posts to boost your content

Most SEO experts and digital marketers understand that Facebook sponsored posts indeed need to be a part of their overall digital marketing strategy.  However, many organisations are unfamiliar with why this should be so, and this form of marketing can sometimes feel a little daunting. But with 2 billion active users on Facebook each month, this method of digital marketing simply cannot be overlooked.
Creating well-designed and captivating Facebook sponsored posts will definitely help your business reach its target audience and increase online interaction.  These two goals are the cornerstone of digital marketing and an absolute must for any business online today. Your business will benefit substantially from Facebook sponsored posts know-how, which will maximise online exposure and ultimately increase conversion rates and therefore sales.
Completing a course in digital marketing will definitely benefit your business as there are many aspects to Facebook sponsored posts and you’ll want to get the most for your advertising spend.

What are Facebook sponsored posts?
Although there are other popular social media platforms, Facebook continues to drive a quarter of all social media referral traffic, which is an impressive statistic.  It’s a well-known fact that online consumers are more likely to engage with Facebook sponsored posts than ads on any other social media site.  Therefore, it makes good digital marketing sense to ensure that your business makes the most out of your Facebook sponsored posts.
But, what exactly is a Facebook sponsored post?
Simply put, a Facebook sponsored post is a post that is paid to deliver it to a larger audience than your followers.  In other words, Facebook will take your post and share it with a specific audience for a short-term period of seven days.

How do Facebook sponsored posts work?  
It’s quite simple, a business can instruct Facebook to distribute one of their organic posts to an audience outside of their followers, which leads to your post being viewed by a wider audience.  The main benefits of making use of Facebook sponsored posts are they increase brand awareness and viewer engagement, which is great for your digital marketing efforts. A Facebook post can be sponsored by setting a maximum budget for a certain amount of days, not exceeding 7 days, and choosing audience targeting options.  

Facebook sponsored posts vs Facebook ads
What’s the difference between Facebook sponsored posts and Facebook ads?  Facebook sponsored posts are often referred to as “boosted posts” and sponsored posts also often get confused with Facebook ads.
Many people easily make the mistake of confusing Facebook ‘sponsored’ posts with Facebook ‘ads’. Here’s the difference: Facebook sponsored posts are created from a Facebook business profile and are quite easy to create and manage, whereas Facebook ads are built using Facebook Ads Manager and are a little more difficult to create.

Facebook sponsored posts
Facebook sponsored posts are designed for business use and are used to grow brand awareness and are short-term marketing campaigns.  A Facebook sponsored post is extremely easy to create with the added bonus of posts being boosted directly from your business Facebook page.  These posts can be run from between 1 to 7 days and are a quick way to increase shares and likes.

Facebook Ads
This type of marketing on Facebook is similar to sponsored posts, however, they are build using Facebook Ads Manager and have more in-depth targeting and budgeting options.  A major difference between Facebook Ads and sponsored posts is that Facebook ads are created with a more long-term advertising goal in mind. At least some knowledge of Facebook Ads Manager is needed, and these ads can remain active for longer periods.  

Why you should use FB sponsored posts to boost your content
Facebook sponsored posts are a great, cost-effective way for businesses to advertise on this major social media platform.  
Here are a few of the benefits associated with advertising via Facebook sponsored posts.
  • Boost existing posts – This is a really effective way to boost posts when looking for a short-term boost to your brand awareness.
  • Increased likes and shares – Facebook posts increase the number of users who will see your post, therefore the likelihood of more likes and shares is a great boost.
  • Ease of use – Advertising on Facebook through sponsored posts is an easy to use form of adverting that doesn’t require a lot of advertising knowledge.

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