Watch Friends Reunion 2021 in India without HBO Max

The highly anticipated "Friends Reunion" is all set to go live on HBO Max. 

Unfortunately, as HBO Max is still not available in India, so you can't watch it directly on HBO Max. Thankfully, Zee5 has announced that it will be streaming the Friends Reunion on its OTT platform. One of the best things about this is that it will air in India on the same day.

At what time will Friends Reunion Air in India ? 

You will be able to watch Friends Reunion on Zee5 in India at 12:32PM on May 27th 2021

Friends Reunion Time in India

Can I watch Friends Reunion free?

Unfortunately, you can't watch Friends Reunion free in India. You will have to buy subscription plan on Zee5, which will cost you Rs. 499 for 1year

Watch Friends Reunion in India

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