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Upgrade Your Car: 6 Best Accessories & Gadgets in 2021

Cars cost a lot, so you should be able to enjoy the driving experience, and what better way to do that than by souping it up with the latest gadgets? Technology has evolved immensely over time, and it brought a revolution in car accessories and gadgets. These gadgets come in all shapes and forms; some are aesthetically pleasing, while others are functional and practical.

It, however, goes without saying that some of these gadgets are quite pricey; therefore, you should take utmost care to avoid accidents or theft. The good thing is, these accessories come with in-built security features, so the only thing left would be to drive carefully.

Why You Should Invest in Car Gadgets

When well-chosen, gadgets can elevate your car to a level of classiness and beautiful aesthetics, making you look good as a person. The new features also make the car much easier to use and effective. Greenstein & Milbauer, a New York City based law firm specializing in car accident cases, mentions the following as the gadgets that every car should have: 

1. Cameras

Beyond reasonable doubt, cameras are hands down the essential gadgets you can add to your car. There are two types: Dash Cams, situated on the dashboard or on the windscreen, whose purpose is to obtain footage from the front of the vehicle; and back-up parking cameras, which primarily aid in parking and reversing.

The former camera helps a lot post-accident, as it collects footage of what happened pre-collision, which would go a long way in establishing fault. The latter helps reduce accidents by a huge margin as they enhance rear visibility.

2. Navigation Systems

The built-in software helps drivers out with directions. Gone are the days of old that you had to find landmarks to find your footing. These gadgets come with in-built maps and a generic voice that directs you. Some have even gone further in ensuring that they have sun-block screens that provide visibility even when there’s glaring sunlight.

3. Phone Mounts

Distracted driving has been a major cause of accidents in the United States, more so than drunk driving. It is estimated that one in every four accidents every year is caused by distracted driving. Phone mounts were introduced to the market to solve some key issues, such as keeping your phone in view so that you can know where it is at all times, as well as ensuring your hands are on the wheel.

The best thing is that now these accessories come with wireless charging modes, therefore keeping you connected in case of anything. There are also plenty to choose from, the latest being the magnetic ones.

4. Digital Assistants

Not only are digital assistants effective, but they also ensure your safety. Most incorporate hands-off features, such that you only need to issue a voice command to have it perform basic functions for you, for example, making calls, answering messages, and finding your way via navigation apps. An example is Alexa by amazon.

5. Keychain Breathalyzer

A little fun never hurts anybody; how accurate is that, though? Here’s where the handheld keychain breathalyzer comes in handy. It ensures your safety and those of your loved ones as it can detect when your alcohol levels are too high for safe driving. In as much as they are not a hundred percent accurate, they do for sure help in avoiding DUI’s and possible car accidents.

6. Jump and Carry Jump Starter

These portable jump starters have eliminated the need to carry cumbersome jumper cables in your trunk, as well as the stress of trying to flag someone down. Times have changed, and in light of the global pandemic, it is important to be as self-sufficient as you could be.

Having one of these jump-starters for your car is like having a power bank for your phone. Some can power your vehicle up to 30 times; what better way to feel in charge than having a power back-up for whenever things go south!

Technology Is a Worthy Investment

When you are driving, you need to focus only on your driving; thus, it is very important to have an accident-free ride. Car accessories & gadgets work together to make your driving experience easier and more enjoyable, and they also offer safety, greater comfort, and cool perks for your passengers.

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