What Is Off-Page SEO and Do I Need It for My Law Firm?

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For effective law firm SEO, (search engine optimization), several things have to come into play. 

First, you need to research popular keywords that potential clients are using to search for your legal services and implement them in your site content. Second, your website’s overall user experience has to be great, with valuable content that solves your website visitors’ dilemmas. Next, the site should load seamlessly and fast on all screen sizes, including mobile devices. All these strategies are part of on-page SEO, which deals with an individual web page.   

Finally, you should have external sites that link back to you for credibility and authority. This is what we call off-page SEO.

What Is Off-Page SEO?

Off-page SEO refers to marketing efforts done outside your site, but ultimately impacts your site by improving its search engine rankings. This is based on the fact that most search engines, including Google, calculate the trustworthiness and credibility of your site based on the quality and quantity of external links. 

Backlinks are the most popular way of achieving law firm off-page SEO, but it’s not the only way.

How to Do Law Firm Off-Page SEO

Link Building

Building links entails getting external sites to link back to your content. When this happens, especially from a high-authority website, it shows search engines that your content is valuable to other people. 

You can build links through natural, built, or created links, although the first two are most ideal because they don’t include aspects of black hat SEO.

However, simply getting other websites to link back to yours will not achieve off-page SEO on its own. There are a few things that equally matter when search engines decide which sites to rank on the first page.

  • Is the linking site trustworthy?
  • Is your subject matter and that of the linking site related to each other?
  • How old is the linking page?
  • How much traffic does the linking page have? 
  • Does the anchor text relate to the overall topic of your page?      

Social Media Marketing

While social media engagements and interactions do not directly affect your site’s SEO, they can influence other things, like traffic. 

By sharing your content on your law firm’s social media, you’ll be inviting shares and increased website traffic and engagement. This can then translate to higher rankings, depending on other factors as well, of course.   

Online Legal Directories

Online legal directories are websites with information about law firms, such as their name, physical address, phone number, practice areas, website URL, and so on. By claiming your listing on such directories, you are providing search engines with more accurate information about your business to show to potential customers. 

Directories such as Google My Business are especially useful for local search. Local SEO is important because a large percentage of your clientele is going to come from your local area. It’s important that they find your law firm at the top of search results, not only because of your GMB, but also due to ranking factors done by your SEO specialist. 

Do I Need Off-Page SEO for my Law Firm?

The short answer is yes. Every law firm needs off-page SEO to reach their potential clients as effectively as possible. How can off-page SEO help your law firm?

  • Improve Search Engine Rankings: The most obvious benefit of off-page SEO is to ensure that your site is visible to people searching for the legal services you offer. Off-page SEO does this by building trust and credibility in your website and subsequently, your services.
  • Increase Website Traffic: When the number of people viewing your site on search engine results goes up, your overall website traffic is going to improve as well. 
  • Convert Website Visitors into Customers: The authority, credibility, and trust created by off-page SEO efforts, such as link building, can translate to potential clients too. This makes it easy for them to trust your law firm to solve their legal issues.

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